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Unleash Your Flamenca with this FREE 5 Day Workshop -- with only 10 minutes a day!

Jumpstart your home practice or deepen your understanding in this simple but effective video series.


I love this workshop and all your online classes and I am eternally grateful to flamenco universe for finding extraordinary you!!! I am learning so much from your beautifully structured and clear lessons. Teacher's talent not everybody has!


I did the workshop for free, thinking to myself that 10 minutes per day was an easy goal and would probably help with my dancing. After that, I liked it so much that I became a paid subscriber to your site. The 10-minute workshop was great as a laid-back, no major time commitment introductory class for your site. It made me realize how much I missed flamenco classes and wanted to continue dancing.


I have learnt so much in five days...I have never had these things broken down before and it makes so much difference. My last attempt at learning flamenco was just about trying to follow along to whole sequences- feet, arms, hands, body, head all at once- and going way too fast. This has been a revelation. Thank you!

what you get

Here’s what we'll do in this 5 video workshop!

  • Each day we cover a basic flamenco technique. 
  • You'll also get tips on how to practice on your own and make it more challenging
  • Each video is adaptable for all levels- new beginners through advanced.
  • Once you join, you get complete access to this fun five day challenge. No time limits!
Day1-Upper Body (Braceo)

This video shows a simple combination for ARTICULATE arms, hands and upper body in the rhythms of Tangos and Tientos. Follow along and then practice on your own  with the suggested music.

Day 4-Turns (Vueltas)

Build or improve your turns technique in this day's video. Turn with PRECISION and FORCE.

Day 2-Marking (Marcaje)

We work on some simple marking (travel step) sequences and making them EXPRESSIVE for two different palos, Tangos and Tientos.

Day 5-Combinations (Combinaciones)

Now let’s put it ALL together for PRACTICE in a combination for Tangos and Tientos.

Day3-Footwork (Taconeo)

Day 3 we tackle some excellent footwork patterns in Tangos and Tientos to make them STRONG and AGILE.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Rina Orellana and it's my pleasure to offer you this free 5 video Flamenco workshop. I've been dancing flamenco for close to 25 years now and I've helped hundreds of dancers from all over the world unleash their inner flamenca with my Online Flamenco Studio! It's my hope that you join me in this workshop and transform how you practice, develop and dance more fully. ¡OLE!

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